Everyones favorite section, the Blocktools Shop!

Below is a comprehensive suite of products that you can choose from.

We tried our best to curate the most in-demand tools that benefit users as well as Project Teams looking to build something and are excited to be able to offer it literally off the shelf as ready-to-go products!

Browse through a large list of off-shelf products that you can set up in minutes in most cases, hours in rare cases where there are enhancements or complex integrations needed that are outside the box. Each package will be sent with a handy operations manual for you to easily manage the installations. You retain complete ownership of it!


For hosting support we typically recommend Vercel or Netlify, an additional time saver to shave off development costs and ad-hoc headache would be to utilize any of the scalable and secure cloud solutions available, from Webflow, EditorX, Wordpress, WIX etc. Our products are compatible across all ready to go/no-code hosting solutions.


Products are labelled accordingly in terms of their ability to ship immediately. For any custom requirements you have, we will mutually agree on a delivery date depending on our backlog!


We have kept our prices as competitive and flexible as possible given the dynamic nature of the Industry. Users can pay in Crypto (ETH for now, more options to follow) inclusive of the TOOLS token (25% flat discount across the shopping mall).

Due consideration has been taken while arriving at the appropriate pricing, to accommodate the fact that these are ready to go plug and play products that work right off the shelf and are therefore different from a typical service provider-customer interaction that requires multiple iterations, bug fixing etc.

Like all tech, some of these products will have upgrades and enhancements associated with it.


Pay in TOOLS to get a flat 25% discount!

Also, If you prefer to purchase items in a bundle, do reach out to us before hand so that we can accordingly offer you a discounted price! Just let us know what you would like to club into the bundle and we'll give you an offer you can't refuse!


Customizations are welcome. If you have something in mind that is not in the list below or that is from the list but you want to expand on it, go ahead and reach out, let's get you started!

Blocktools does not expect to charge anything for minor enhancements however anything that requires significant effort will be an extra charge to compensate for our time!

If you are an experienced user or Project Team you will most likely benefit from the off-shelf packages that you can then customize or build on for your respective needs without any handholding! However if you are new to the space and just getting started, you are recommended to follow us socially as well as make use of the handy guides that will accompany your purchase!

Go ahead and visit Blocktools.org/shop to get started on your journey!

Tip: Higher degree of success is attainable by "enhancing" your knowledge of the above items and adding to them, as opposed to just buying and using them.

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