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Our Vision

Good to know: You do not have to use any of the BlockTools products. All our work is open-source and you are free to fork it off the site or Github unless where gated for security purposes. We have not obfuscated any of our codes except the Sniper bot and Liquidity locker which are temporarily closed-source with a vision to open-source slowly via various educational videos that teach the community how to build and use it.

We believe in the old adage give a man a Fish and you feed him once, while Teaching a Man to Fish is feeding him perpetually. However learning is a 2 way street and you will have to keep up and put in the effort to scale yourself. For the record, the entire BlockTools team has gone from 0 coding knowledge to building state of the art tools in under 3 years. We learnt how to build and use these tools ourselves extensively, the journey was hard, but rewarding in the end. BlockTools seeks to be the authoritative reference point for technologically conscious traders and to encourage more sustainable tech-innovation in the space through curating practical and cost effective approaches.

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