Scale average joes into "Devs"

Our Mission

Disclaimer: Like everything else in life, one should always be prepared for uncertainty and manage risk appropriately.

There is an over-dependence on the term "Dev" in this space. Building a project requires a team of solid hands that are focused and accomplished at their respective core competence. This could be Front End, Back end, Full Stack, Solidity, Graphic Designing, Community Management and much more. Through our educational content and of course additional token-gated offerings we seek to bridge the gap allowing participants from all walks of life to be able to deploy a smart contract, or build a website, or design promotional material and more. It isn't rocket science. Ask us, We did it. The BlockTools launchpad will serve as a breeding ground for budding "Devs" who have killer ideas but did not know how or where to start. What's more, you can buy the tools right off of our Shop!

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