An equitable playground for all

Our Vision

KEY: We want to create an equitable playground for all. The industry is currently facing a severe crunch with many quality projects struggling to raise capital for sustenance in the face of changing market dynamics where 1000s of traders utilize automated tools to quickly jump across 20-30 projects a day in a high risk/reward game.

Our key vision is to level the playing field and provide an opportunity for the average joe to not only use good tech at a very low cost (if any), but also help him or her build the tech for himself and sustain his journey. Concentrated power in the hands of few is against the concept of decentralization and will eventually kill off the industry as a Tulip Mania unless there is a rapid expansion into the outside world spreading awareness along with a blanket of safety for someone looking inside from out.

Therefore the need for Blocktools Shop to provide access to just about anyone to procure, build, manage to run a Sniper project, or a Liquidity Locker, or a Messenger service or a Staking Dapp or a DAO, or integrate APIs from Etherscan or Coingecko, so on so forth.

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