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Welcome to BlockTools!

The place to learn more about on-chain tech and its various quirks!
TIP: The below chapters are for an audience willing to put in the effort to learn more about BlockTools and to participate in some unique Learn2Earn initiatives that will help you cover the journey from novice to expert quickly! Good amount of study and hours will be required from you in order to scale quickly!
What BlockTools does, provide multi-chain tools to help traders in their day to day journey. More importantly, teaches novices and new comers how to scale quickly in this ever changing and challenging industry.
What BlockTools does NOT do, is recommend trading in Cryptocurrency or any other asset class as we are not financial experts or advisors. We are technology service providers who provide the tools, and the education needed to use them, as well as help build the tools on your own.
Will I make money with BlockTools?
Making money is a matter of luck involving many factors and you are best advised to seek counsel from licensed financial advisors. BlockTools provides technology tools that could potentially offer you an edge that is subject to myriad market conditions. We are educators first and technology service providers second.
Are these Tools free to use?
As an introductory measure, All BlockTools are free to use for everyone. This may change at a later date depending on the nature of product enhancements. There is a vision to enable token-gated services to TOOLS holders for any exceptional product line that will go over and above any vanilla offerings. If you want to contribute, a good place to start is by following our educational content and scaling up to participate in the various live-builds organized for TOOLS holders and the community at large.